Koh Chang... an island blessed with abundant natural beauty including forests, mountains, waterfalls, and beautiful seascapes. There are various activities to choose from to suit everyone\'s style, whether it\'s trekking to waterfalls, ping, kayaking, or simply cruising around. Koh Chang is therefore one of the most popular destinations that many people choose to visit.

Sai Khao Beach Viewpoint

A viewpoint where you can clearly see the panoramic view of the white sand beach from a high angle.

Ban Salak Kok

Ban Salak Kok Village is a fishing village hidden in a large natural bay resembling animal pens, hence the name of the village. Surrounded by mangrove forests, which are the local livelihood, including fishing grounds and a breeding ground for various aquatic animals. There are boat tours or kayaking activities available to explore the rich mangrove ecosystem, which is another highlight of Koh Chang.

Boat tour service costs 200 baht per person (4 people per boat) and takes about 40 minutes. For more information, contact the Ban Salak Kok Village Ecotourism Club at 08 7748 9497.

Laem Chai Chet Viewpoint

A viewpoint where you can enjoy beautiful sunsets on Koh Chang, but not suitable for swimming as it mostly consists of rocky cliffs and strong winds.

Chao Pho Ko Chang Shrine

A sacred place revered by the people of Koh Chang and Trat, where tourists can pay their respects for blessings.

Sai Khao Beach

Located on the west side of Koh Chang, White Sand Beach is a white sandy beach over 6 kilometers long, serving as a hub for facilities on the island including accommodations, restaurants, car rentals, and tour companies.

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Khlong Prao Beach

Another beautiful beach on the west side of Koh Chang. The beach curves from Chai Chet Cape to Kai Bae Beach, suitable for swimming.

Tha Nam Beach

Another famous beach on Koh Chang, characterized by a large bay with a long sandy beach stretching to the Ta Nam Cape. The sea is clear and suitable for swimming, and it\'s also another great spot to watch the sunset.

Ko Rang

The Rang Islands are located between Koh Chang and Koh Kood, consisting of several large and small islands such as Rang Yai, Rang Lek, Yak Island, and Mapring Island. All islands are under the supervision of the national park. It\'s a popular ping spot due to the rich marine life.

Ko Mapring 

An island located around the Rang Islands, suitable for ping. It features clear shallow waters and beautiful colorful coral reefs.

Ko Yak Yai 

A small island suitable for ping. Its highlight is the underwater blue coral reef.

San Chao Beach

A spacious beach with fine white sand, perfect for swimming, taking photos, or just relaxing away from the fatigue of ping into the underwater world.

Than Mayom Waterfall

In addition to beautiful beaches, Koh Chang also has a medium-sized waterfall with 4 tiers. The waterfall flows down through the black granite rock crevices, with steep cliffs on all sides. The surrounding area is covered with virgin forest, suitable for camping and waterfall exploration.

Khlong Nonsi Waterfall

A small waterfall located at the northernmost tip of Koh Chang, about 4 kilometers from the Koh Chang National Park headquarters.

Mangrove Forest Ban Salak Phet

A nature study trail and mangrove forest ecosystem conservation project. The highlight is the long red bridge contrasting with the green of the mangrove forest.

Bang Bao Lighthouse

Located at the Bang Bao Pier, the pier is a bridge extending into the sea. At the end of the pier, there is a prominent floating village, considered another landmark of Koh Chang.

Mangrove Forest Ban Salak Khok

The largest mangrove forest trail on Koh Chang, covering an area of ​​over 650 acres. There are activities to explore the rich mangrove forest ecosystem along the nature study trail, which is a concrete bridge about 1 kilometer long. There is also a 4-story observation tower for panoramic views.

Wat Salak Phet

One of the important temples on Koh Chang, with \"Luang Pho Phet\" highly respected by the people of Koh Chang. The temple also houses the Salak Phet Museum, which tells the story of King Rama V\'s visit to Koh Chang.

Fire Shows

Considered a highlight of the evening, fire shows are available at various beachside restaurants on Koh Chang.

These are some of the attractions and activities you can enjoy on Koh Chang, Thailand\'s second largest island.