AANA espouses a philosophy of providing modern luxury living in complete harmony with the environment. AANA aims to nurture what nature has in its offering by being exceptionally responsible to universal ecology. Since inception exceptional care was taken and innumerous adjustments to the design of the resort was made to ensure that no trees were cut and that the resort was built around the natural vegetation including the locally popular Fard trees. Fard trees are hardwood trees that grow extremely slowly and are found only in Trat Province. The province actually derives its name from this tree.

AANA’s elegantly designed accommodations and facilities are made using replenishable natural resources. Recycled train-track wood and wooden logs from pepper tree have been used extensively in the resort. AANA has also implemented eco-friendly policies such as discouraging the use of chemicals, focusing on the use of natural products and materials, organic and locally grown vegetables, waste food recycling and the usage on non-toxic non-disposable dishes. AANA has a strict recycling policy with all waste recycled as plant manure.  In conjunction with this the team at AANA endeavors to deliver a level of personal service often promised by other resorts, but rarely experienced. Exceptional service that anticipates client needs with service delivered by staff that genuinely cares for your well being. 

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